High Performance Computing and Open Source & Linux Technical Excellence Symposium
17-21 March 2014, Grenoble (France)
HP Power of Convergence
HPC OSL TES 2014  |  Grenoble, France  |  17-21 March
  • Welcome to the 6th High Performance Computing and Open Source & Linux Technical Excellence Symposium (HPC & OSL TES 2014).

    The 2014 HPC OSL TES is a technical knowledge transfer event targeting the HPC ExpertOne community (both HP and Channel Partners), HP HPC & OSL Solution Architects, Pre-Sales consultants, OSL Advocates and OSL Profession members.
    The HP HPC & OSL TES is organised by the EMEA Enterprise Servers Competency Centre, the EMEA HP Solution Innovation Centre, the Hyperscale business unit, OS Enablement and Business Development teams from the Industry Standard Servers business unit with the HP ExpertOne organisation.

    This technical event offers over 100 breakouts.
    It includes lab sessions as well as numerous demonstrations which cover the HP’s broad Enterprise products but also solutions in an open source environment, high performance computing, Web services portfolio, Big Data and new product introductions (e.g. Moonshot program).
    We have brought together experts with whom you will be able to meet and share both their insights and knowledge on many key business areas including competitive tools.
    Back home, freshly armed with an enhanced skills set, you will be ready to provide your customers with a greater business value.
    Throughout the event, we will offer you detailed sessions on High Performance Computing, Services Providers and Open Source & Linux software products. We will also address your needs in terms of solutions and services using HP Blade Systems, ProLiant and Scalable line servers, Storage and Network portfolio.

    Start date internal HP attendees: 17 March 2014
    Start date ExpertOne and Channel partners: 18 March 2014
    End date for all delegates: 21 March 2014

    Repeated sessions will be provided as much as we can. While the agenda content is under definition (the agenda will be disclosed mid February).

    Who Should attend ?

    - ExpertOne Community (HP and channel partners)
    - HP EMEA presales people
    - HP Enterprise Integration centers people
    - HP Open Source and Linux Advocates
    - HP Open Source and Linux Profession Members
    - HP Enterprise Services people
    - HP Technical Services people

    How do I register?

    - Set up your event account by clicking on the "pre-register for event" button.

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